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  • Pamme Eades

What is Shop with a Cop?

Shop with a Cop is hands down the City of Cayce Police Department's most anticipated outreach event each year. From being able to spend quality time with the kids to helping them pick out shoes and clothes to helping them find gifts for their family members, our officers thoroughly enjoy this event.

And the kids, just beam as they buy new clothes for themselves. The officers also guide them in buying at least one educational item. So often, the kids want to get games that all of their brothers and sisters can play or other presents for their families.

Shop with a Cop is also our largest outreach event and is funded by a combination of grants and donations (cash and gift cards), with the remaining needs coming from the Foundation's general fund.

If you would like to help ensure that this event is completely funded, donations can be made online at or by check at PO Box 5422 Cayce, SC 29171. You can also drop off checks and gift cards to the Cayce Police Department.

We thank you for your support.

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