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Lower the Speed X2!

New Cayce Chief of Police, Chris Cowan has been meeting with a lot of residents and he knows speeding is a big concern in our neighborhoods. He is currently formulating a plan to help reduce speeding. While some remedies will need the cooperation of SCDOT, there are some things the Police Department can do including upgrading and purchasing new speed detector trailers for the city. Chief Cowan recommends the City have three to five of these on hand at all times for a city of our size. Currently we have one in operation. 


As a way to help fund this proposal, Chief Cowan made a request to the Cayce Public Safety Foundation for the purchase of a new one, which was approved by the board on October 25. With a lack of traditional fundraising activities throughout the pandemic, only one was approved for purchase at this time.  The Foundation would like to purchase a second one for the Police Department.


As a concerned neighborhood resident, would you like to see more equipment upgrades like this that you can see the benefit of on a daily basis? Contribute to the Cayce Public Safety Foundation (a charitable contribution on your taxes!) if you want to see more work like this done on your behalf. 


Why did this request come to the Foundation? Simply put, larger purchases such as this need to be part of the Department’s budget which is approved each July.  The Foundation’s mission is to assist the Police and Fire Departments with needs that can’t be met through normal means (also known as “not in this year’s budget”).  This request put forth to the Foundation enabled the speed trailer to be bought much more quickly, and it'll be on the streets that much sooner.


Keep your eyes out for the speed trailer, which has a lot of data tracking capabilities that will help our police department track neighborhood speeding patterns much more efficiently than ever before.  Speed trailers also help train drivers to watch their speed in our neighborhoods without the need for writing tickets. 

Donations can also be dropped off at City Hall (checks only) or mailed to PO Box 5422 Cayce, SC 29171.

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